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Beware Scammers

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? Maybe you lost your set of keys and are in need of a replacement set. You head to google and type "locksmith near me" and hundreds of results along with paid Google ads will show up. You might find what seems like a great deal for $25 and before you know it they will be handing you an invoice for hundreds more than advertised.

This is why we say beware of fake locksmiths and unlicensed businesses if you decide to call around for a "better deal." Follow these steps to avoid becoming another scam victim and losing your hard-earned money:

1 - Check the Colorado Secretary of State's business database

Every legitimate business must be registered in order to collect sales taxes, pay business fees and taxes, etc. Click the link and enter the business name: 

2 - Always ask for an exact quote BEFORE hiring anyone

Any legitimate locksmith will be able to provide an exact quote over the phone after getting all necessary information about your vehicle.

Scammers will give a base price to come to your location (usually $19 to $45) and a vague labor quote such as "$15 and up."

3 - Check their online presence

Make sure that the company you're hiring has a website, Yelp page, Facebook page, Google page, etc. and read their reviews. Their business name and phone number should be consistent. (Fake locksmiths use multiple names and phone numbers in order to avoid reviews and warranty claims)

There are hundreds of Locksmith scammers in the Denver area. Please take a few minutes to watch this news report on YouTube to educate yourself on the risks of calling an unknown locksmith:

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