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Quick Ford
Replacement Keys in Denver & Aurora

Lost or Broken Ford Keys? Busted ignition?
We can help!

Ford Keys

Are you in need of a replacement Ford key? A Ford dealership is not the only option to get you back on the road. We have just what you need!

We provide same-day and on-site mobile locksmith service in Denver & Aurora. There's no need to wait for keys to be ordered or the headache of arranging for a tow service. 

We pride ourselves in making it easy for our clients to get a key. Call us to get your quote today!

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Your Ford Locksmith Specialist in the Denver Metro

Ford is a well established American car make that has been in the fore front of vehicle production since the early 1900s. Ford has a long history of producing reliable and stylish trucks, SUVs and sedans. That is why we are stocked with the right remote key or key fob for your Ford. Are your keys lost? Is your vehicle locked? Not an issue. We can generate a brand new key on the spot. Denver Auto Lock gives you peace of mind for all your Ford car key needs!

Ford Ignition Repair and Programming

Was your vehicle vandalized and now you are seeking an ignition repair? We can absolutely help and rekey your ignition to match your original key. Perhaps you need a parameter reset service in Denver. We have the right Ford software for reprogramming power control modules. Call or message us today for a quote!

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