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Hyundai & Kia Key Replacement in the Denver Metro

Lost Hyundai/Kia keys or fob? Broken ignition? Trust us to get you back to what matters most.

Hyundai/Kia Keys

Losing your Hyundai or Kia remote key or key fob is never ideal. Especially if you have a full day of commitments ahead of you.

That is why Denver Auto Lock can meet you anywhere in the Denver Metroplex and get you a new key.

We have the right Hyundai/Kia key fob or remote key for your vehicle. 

We provide same-day and on-site service to get you back on the road!


We make buying car keys easy and efficient. Just like it never happened.

Your Hyundai & Kia Locksmith Specialist in the Denver Metro CO

Hyundais and Kias are popular Korean car makes in Colorado. They offer practicality and sleek design all in one package. Whether you are shopping for a new key fob for a Hyundai Sonata or remote key for a Kia Sorento, we can help!

Lost key replacement packages starting at $135

Lost smart key replacement packages starting at $335

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Hyundai/Kia Ignition Repair

A damaged Hyundai or Kia ignition can be an unwelcomed burden. Especially when it's a result of theft. Denver Auto Lock can repair your broken Hyundai or Kia ignition and have it match your original key. This repair can be done on-site at your convenience. We make it that simple because who really wants to give up their car to a dealership for a week?

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