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Hassle-Free Volvo Key Replacement in the Denver Metro 

Lost Volvo keys? Locked out?
Count on us to get you back on the road!

Volvo Keys

Most Volvo owners believe their local Volvo dealership is the only place to get new key fobs.

We provide convenient and dependable lock & key service from our mobile locksmith shop anywhere in the Denver Metro.

So you can get your Volvo back on the road the same day without towing or any of the dealership hassle

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Your Volvo Locksmith Specialist in the Denver  Metro

Who doesn't love Swedish engineering? Denver Auto Lock is your one stop shop for a new Volvo key fob

We do our best to offer you Volvo lock & key service that is significantly faster and more convenient than towing your car to the local Volvo dealership. You can avoid the risk of towing a vehicle without keys, thus saving you time and money. 

We stock most smart key fobs for Volvo vehicles on the road today and use the same equipment that Volvo service departments use for peace of mind

Your Volvo key or fob is part of a very advanced anti-theft system. Each key is coded to your vehicle and the engine will only start when a coded key is present. We have the right OEM key fob and reprogramming equipment for your Volvo

Lost smart key replacement packages start at $435

At Denver Auto Lock, we believe that getting Volvo keys should not be a complicated and time-consuming process

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