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Same-Day Toyota Key Replacement in the Denver Metro

Lost Toyota key or fob? Locked out? We'll get you back on the road!

Toyota Keys

Were you on your way to an important meeting only to realize that your keys for your Toyota are not where you left them? Perhaps you accidentally dropped your key fob in water, and it's not working. 
It can be so irritating to have another thing to fix when you're pressed for time. 
That is where Denver Auto Lock comes into the picture. We provide same-day and on-site service in the Denver & Aurora Metro. Whether you are stranded in a parking garage or busy shopping center, we can make a new key and get you back on the road!

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Your Toyota Locksmith Specialist in the Denver Metro

Are you the proud owner of a Toyota truck, SUV, or sedan? They are well-known for their reliability and are a popular brand in the Denver & Aurora Metroplex.

That is why we stock most keys, remote keys, and key fobs for your Toyota! Did you lose your key? Perhaps, you need a backup key or smart key. ​

Lost key replacement services start at $185

Smart key replacement services start at $385

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