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Ultimate Guide to Remote Start

Remote car start seems to be all the rage these days. It is definitely an appealing feature. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to give clarity about this accessory from an automotive locksmith perspective.

1. What is remote start?

Remote start system is known by a few names such as “remote car start,” “remote starter,” and so on. Essentially, it is a system that allows the driver to start their car engine from a distance with a remote device. This component can be very convenient if you live in a cold-weather area since you can warm up your car before leaving your home. We suspect that is the key reason our Denver clients are intrigued. You could also choose to cool down your vehicle during the hot summer months. Remote start will help you have a more comfortable car ride.

2. Can all cars have remote start system?

Nowadays, more car manufacturers have been equipping new models with remote car start from the get-go. But there are aftermarket installation options for older vehicles. However, these aftermarket remote start systems are not always compatible with every car. It might not function correctly with a manual transmission or a diesel vehicle. It’s best to speak to a professional before investing in your vehicle.

3. What are the cons?

We have touched upon the positive conveniences about this system, but what about the negatives? A quality system can be very expensive. There are many low-cost products available for purchase that claim easy self-installation. Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure proper installation. As mentioned earlier, you have to ensure that remote start will function with your specific car model. A remote starter may override your current remote keys or fobs, rendering them useless. Also make sure that your vehicle is up to date with any necessary car repairs. A check engine light or other electrical issues will also interfere with the functionality of a new remote car start system. Another issue to keep in mind is the strength of the signal that your remote start device emits. It may not work as expected if you are in a building with thick concrete walls.

An aftermarket remote start system could be highly beneficial if you’ve weighed your options. It might be a better choice to seek a vehicle with this feature already included if you are looking to buy a new car. We hope this article has shed some light on remote starters. We aim to bring you the best information to keep you, “in the know.” Until next time.

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